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I wasn't necessarily looking for a Bible study in 2015, but when a good friend told me she was starting a Stonecroft Bible study I remembered what a big part of my life the Stonecroft bible studies were in the 90's when I lived in Gainesville. I jumped in 100% and since that day almost 3 years ago,  it has renewed my faith beyond measure, reignited my zeal for sharing the Good Word with others and centered my life. The bible studies have been the catalyst to bringing 20+ women together in love and fellowship. It's an amazing, life changing experience! 
~ Diane P.

I have been part of one of the bible Study groups for a year and a half. It has been a wonderful experience. I get to meet with a group of women of all ages, backgrounds and experiences, but who are united in their love of the Word through the bible study. It has brought me closer to the Lord on my life journey. We also support each other at times, and also share lighthearted fun. I hope others will give it a try. No experience or commitment necessary. 
~ Jeanne M.

I read about the meeting at Dunkin Donuts on 210 and decided I needed to learn more about the Bible. I attended and was met with open arms. The group was small then but has grown by leaps and bounds. When I fell and broke my foot and was in a wheel chair for some time the women brought a meeting to my house and came with food. Totally unexpected and I was in awe with there kindness. I NEVER had anyone there for me in times while hurting. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their kindness and caring. I simply love this group of women and Lynn Perkins is a gal that walks her talk. Rare in today's world. I thank this group and to Lynn for organizing it with a vision filled with love. 
~ Teddi S.

I've been a Christian for several years but because of disappointments over the years I quit studying the Word.  I never left my relationship with Jesus, just got lazy.  When Stonecroft offered bible studies in my area, I joined.  It has encouraged me and built up my faith in the Lord.  The relationships I've developed with other women has been life changing for me.  I am thankful for each bible study and the St. John's Lilly outreach that is a result of them.
~Bobbi R.

We Overcome by the word of our Testimony!!!!